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Peer to Peer Lender

The peer to peer lending is an alternative finance method which is being widely adopted by people who want to borrow loans. It is a practice where a peer to peer lender funds loans to consumers or businesses using an online service which matches borrowers with potential lenders. P2p funding platforms usually provide financing services online and operate with low overhead. They offer cheaper services compared to the traditional financial method. Hence, with this modern method of borrowing, lenders can gain high-interest returns than the investment and savings provided by the banks. Lenders earn high-interest rate even when people borrow money at low-interest rates, and the platform takes a fee for matching the borrower to the lender.

However, just like any other type of financing, there is a risk involved with p2p lending when a borrower defaults on their loan repayments. Majority of these loans are unsecured loans, and most of these are lent to the businesses. Sometimes secured peer to peer loans are also offered by platforms that are secured against borrower's luxury assets like vintage cars, watches, buildings, jewellery etc. These type of loans are made to consumers, business or charities. There are different types of p2p lending such as commercial loans, real estate loans, student loans, payday loans, leasing, secured business loans and factoring. Read further details on our website
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